Monday, August 5, 2013

Painting the Cabinets

At this point we're thinking, “Can't we be done already?” After two coats of primer, I put two coats of paint on the cabinet bases. I used Olympic Icon because this was the only paint I could get in Flat and in Ultrawhite. It’s a primer and paint in one and also zero VOC which was nice, because it was super hot and humid outside at the time of painting. This paint went on pretty well, although after the second coat I noticed a couple of drips like this:

Paint Drip

I was majorly frustrated after seeing this appear after the paint had dried. I applied the paint in patient, long strokes. I tried not to put too much paint on my brush. I still got drips.

Sand Paper

So I did something I had not planned to do. I went out and bought sandpaper. 320 super fine sandpaper that I carefully brushed on affected areas. Then I put on a third coat of paint.

Paint Done

Much better.

Primer First CoatPaint Done 2

Let’s compare and contrast, shall we? I'm liking the new look. Shiny white cabinets make me happy. We're making progress! Over the weekend I took off all of the painter’s tape and moved everything back in the cabinets, so I’ll be sharing that soon.