Welcome to Notre Ferme Urbaine! I was a French major in college and one of the few things I can do with that major is say things in French! So Notre Ferme Urbaine is simply french for Our Urban Homestead. This is the place where I document my family's journey in homesteading. Join us as we attempt to raise chickens, garden, and improve our home.

Meet the family!

About Me

  • name: Lisa
  • profession: substitute teacher/animal wrangler
  • hobbies: crafting, sewing, baking, gardening, making messes

The Husband

  • name: Mike
  • profession: mechanical engineer
  • hobbies: video games, building/engineering things for the home, cuddling with Leela

The eldest child

  • name: Gizmo
  • age: 5
  • hobbies: sunbathing, whining, cuddling

The baby

  • name: Leela
  • age: ten months
  • hobbies: playing with water, making friends with any dog she meets, giving kisses

The chickens

  • names: Dorothy, Penelope, Lucille, Ruth
  • age: four months