Monday, May 6, 2013

Fence Progress

The fence is nearly finished! Woohoo! This is where we left off last time:

 Posts up, after working on it for nearly three weeks. Well, it is a lot different now!

There's almost a real fence there! I was really worried that the lattice would block out all of the sun, but I'm happy to report that the sun shines in just fine. The garden faces east so it gets lots of morning and early afternoon sun.

The first thing we did was add side posts to give the lattice something to rest on. We went to Lowe's and bought something like 72 u-brackets to hold the 2"x4" boards in place. We set the bottom board in as low as it could go and then leveled it and nailed it in to the posts using the u-brackets. Then we tried our best to put the top boards in four feet above the bottom boards. With the horizontal boards in, we were able to nail the lattice on to the boards. Some of the lattice required trimming on the sides, which was long and tedious work.

We were able to get these steps done in a couple of days. All that's left now is making it look purdy. There will be trim around the lattice on the outside of the fence and caps on all of the posts. Also, we'll be needing to put in a gate. Making progress right?