Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ikea finds, or why I would be broke if I lived any closer to the Swedish superstore

I was in Chicago this weekend for a bachelorette party. Mike came with me. What an appropriate event to drag your husband to, right? We are Ikea junkies. We need our fix every so often to function, so I figured that if he could chill out in a hotel room for a few hours while I partied it up, we could hit Ikea on our way home from Chicago in the morning. What a good call.

There's nothing better for a hangover than the syrupy goodness that is the Ikea breakfast. For 99 cents you can get eggs, potatoes, give your husband the bacon, and drown that plate in maple flavored syrup. And a cup of free coffee. There might have also been a $1 cinnamon roll shared at the table.

You could spend days in there, but we have it down now that we can browse through the whole showroom, pick out our boxes in the warehouse, and get through the checkout in about two hours. We go to Ikea about twice a year, so there's always something new to check out, like this rattan chair:

Which we couldn't help but purchase. We picked out two of these babies for the living room. We figure it will do for now in the living room and if we find something different, they can move out to the front porch.

We also got one of these desk chairs:

Mike is so happy he has something comfortable to sit in. The gray (they say black) fabric is a necessary splurge. It looks so much more sophisticated and really looks good in our office.

And these adorable tea towels. I purchased an extra set for my sister, who is having her bridal shower this weekend!

We might have purchased some other things too. We have problems on going to Ikea without charging an arm and a leg to our credit card. It’ll be mac n’ cheese and cereal this summer while we are paying it off, ha ha ha. Has anyone else had a shopping spree at Ikea lately? Or has a problem with spending their entire paychecks on home furnishings?