Thursday, May 9, 2013

Five Weeks Old

Another week of growin'!

The chicks upgraded to a bigger coop this week:

Mike was kind enough to expand their brooder into two containers. The new addition is significantly taller, so we were able to add a new, bigger feeder and waterer and keep them off of the ground so they can't mess them as easily. We are so glad they have more room now. Basically they have a whole container for just playing. At this point they are down to a temperature of 75 and it has been warm enough in their space that we haven't been using the brooder lamp.

Work continues on their coop. This week we have completed the coop (post coming soon!) and are working on making it secure. We are still not sure when we will be ready to let them live out there full time though. Probably a couple more weeks.

Not quite as cute as they were a few weeks ago, but so much more cuddly!