Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A little something for the living room...

The weather is finally getting springlike and that means that our family is spending more and more time outside. Our focus is much more on getting the garden finished and ready to go for the chicks and the plants. So, work on the living room is getting placed on the back burner for now. But before the rain stopped and the temperatures became bearable, I managed to whip up a little something:

A sneak peek of more to come. The curtain that we had before needed to go.

I apologize for not having a better picture. This one just doesn't capture the grimy mess that this sheer curtain is. Our sidelight window wasn't doing us any favors before. The privacy curtain was giving us privacy, but it was always an eyesore. I cringed every time I touched it to peek out the window. The new curtain gives the space a pop of color and still lets in plenty of light. Win!

Making this was super simple. The top and bottom of the window have tension rods attached and are easy to pull out. The curtain was hung using the two tension rods. I measured the height and width of the window and then pulled out the curtain to see how wide the fabric was. The height was 39" and the width 14". The fabric was about 19" so I knew I could have a few extra inches of fabric to bunch up and create some natural pleating. Then I cut the fabric. I added two inches to the ends for hemming for a total of 43" in height and an inch to the sides for a total of 21" in width.

Then it was time to hem. I pinned the sides in half an inch and then ironed it stiff. Then I folded the sides in another half an inch. Iron some more. Then I sewed the sides.

For the top and bottom, I started off with a half an inch hem like the sides. I ironed it stiff and then folded in an inch and a half to create the pockets that the tension rods would go in.  Iron again and then sew.


My new curtain was just long enough to stretch into the window. 

Looking good! It looks so much better to me. I am really happy with this little step. I am pretty excited to get back to curtain making in a couple of weeks so we can get the rest of the curtains up in our living room.