Friday, May 10, 2013


Back in 2009 when Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros came onto the scene, I was completely enamored by their folksy charm and immediately learned the lyrics to Home.

It spoke to me, was completely relatable and was at a turning point in my and my husband's (then boyfriend) life. We were broke and living with his gracious parents. The line "Home is wherever I'm with you" was all I had to think about to feel better. I introduced it to Michael and he started singing it all the time. It became our anthem (like many other couples of our time). So it was natural that it was our first dance at our wedding. And I thought it would also be a natural choice for jumping on the song lyric print bandwagon!

I had Staples do an engineer print of a file I made in word. I typed out the lyrics (slightly altered for space and context reasons) and set the background as black and the text as white. I enlarged some of the parts of the song that I found important to my husband and I.

I thought about mounting it on an insulation sheet like I did with Gizmo's photo, but then I remembered I had a frame lying around that was just the right size. It's from Ikea and is something like 19"x27", which I would normally consider odd, but not from my favorite Swedish superstore. They tend to make things in metric sizes so this would probably make sense if I measured in centimeters. 

I hung it in the office, and while I was out putting some holes in the wall, I figured I could do some more. I put these photos of Michael with family and friends near his desk.

And added a ceramic frog that Michael picked up on vacation last July. Yup, we're the type to buy something, throw it somewhere, then forget about it for months (sometimes years). I always find something when I go looking through our nightmare of a storage room. 15 year old printer anyone? How about a fog machine from our first (and last) Halloween party in 2008?

Looking better. Things are slowly coming into place in this room. We're heading out of town this weekend, which includes a trip to Ikea. I'm trying to resist the urge to buy two new chairs for the living room. It's hard to say no to new when nicely used are so hard to come by!