Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Month Old

Holy cow! Our chicks are little chickens now! I know I say this every week, but time is really flying by. I can't believe how big they've gotten.

They are now pretty much overflowing in their brooder box. They are going to be upgraded to a bigger box soon since the weather is not agreeable to letting them outside.

They have reached their awkward teenage stage where they look kinda weird, but they are all very cuddly. Their feathers are so soft and silky, it's really sweet to hold these girls. It is also a lot of fun to walk by their box and see every chick go up to the side and watch us. They all know by now that we come bearing treats. We're still just feeding them their starter crumbles and meal worms. I'd love to give them some yogurt or boiled egg, but I'm trying to wait until I can take them outside (I've heard they make quite a mess). They seem much more outgoing than they did a few weeks ago.

Gizmo continues to enjoy being near the chicks. She doesn't seem to want to eat/harm them, which is a relief. We still supervise them closely when the brooder box is open though. Pretty soon they will be the same size!

That's about it on the chicken front this week. Coming up next week: chicken coops, picking out which chicks are going to stay, and more info about their eating habits!