Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A chicken update

The chicks are two weeks old!

I don't know where the time goes, but these little ladies have grown up so fast! They now have TONS of feathers and are quickly filling up their brooder box.

We are slowly getting ready to put up the coop for our babies. Hopefully it will be all ready to go in a couple of weeks so the chicks can spend their days outside in their run. Since our backyard isn't fenced, we will not be able to let them range a whole lot. We hope to be able to let them roam around the garden with supervision on occasion as well.

All of the chicks are starting to look the same. We have names for them, but we have to look really carefully to tell which is which. I can almost always pick out Penelope, who is the most outgoing, and Lucille, who has the darkest stripes.

When I ordered our chicks, I ordered four. We ended up with six in the box. Two bonus chicks that were too adorable to abandon. The first couple of days we thought, "What's two more? No one will notice we have too many." Our city caps your bird limit to four so we would be having these chicks outdoors illegally.

A week goes by and the chicks are getting steadily bigger and the amount of poop they produce in a day is headache inducing. We think maybe we can't handle six. They start making more chirps during the day and get into some skirmishes that make rather a lot of noise. We start to wonder how curious the neighbors might be.

Ultimately we have decided to give away three of them to a friend with a farm. Three is a good number for hens, who are extremely social. And this gives Mike hope that he can get a duck, since we would be within that limit of four birds.

Of course we won't be dumping three of our babies off on the farm just yet. They still need time to grow and we are happy to keep their cute butts around for a few more weeks.

So that's what is happening on the chicken front! We are having so much fun with them and can't wait to see them all grown up!