Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three Weeks Old

I can't believe it, it's time for another chick update. These little babies are now three weeks old.

They don't really look like chicks anymore! A lot more feathers, longer, sturdier legs, and voracious appetites. I finally caught on and bought a 40 pound bag of feed. They are going through almost two pounds a day!

One significant change is that they are now getting treats. I went searching around town for some chick grit and could not find any so we ended up getting a giant bag of play sand from Lowe's and are currently giving the chickadees a cup with sand in it each day. They love to peck at it and play with the plastic container that I put the sand in. As far as treats go, they are only getting dried meal worms so far. We plan on giving them other things as well as time goes on, such as fruits and veggies, yogurt and seeds.

The weather is still not cooperating as well as I like. Yesterday the high was forty degrees. Not warm enough for the chicks to go play outside. The hope is that we will get the coop built this weekend so the chicks will be able to spend some time outdoors during the day. They are starting to get pretty crowded in their brooder box and it is really easy for them to get dirty (like the girl in the photo above). It has become a nightly ritual to clean the box and take a damp towel to clean any feet that have poop on them. Around six weeks, they will move permanently outdoors (and three will be leaving, sad as it is to say). Right now we are just enjoying their company. It has been pretty fun getting them to eat out of our hands and hearing them chirp away busily during the day. I can't wait to see them in their new coop, which will hopefully be soon!