Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One Week Old

Our little chickadees are officially one week old and growing fast! 

 Introducing our six girls:


Dorothy was the first chick to get a name. Rhode Island Reds are known for having two black stripes on their back. She does not have them (yet?). She was also the tiniest chick. They are all about the same size now.


Ruth is a bit timid and prefers to cuddle with her "sisters." She is very shy but can be really sweet when held.


Penelope is the most outgoing of the flock. She always comes over to say hi when we check on the brooder. She is very friendly when being held or pet. She has the darkest stripes on her back.


Lucille is a spunky troublemaker. She also has dark stripes on her back.


Matilda is quiet and likes to hide among the flock.


Beatrix is kind of standoffish and unfriendly. She can usually be seen instigating fights or pecking at the thermometer in the brooder box. It took is a while to name her but Trixie seems perfect for this feisty lady.

It is shocking how fast they've grown. The feathers are really popping out now. Here is a day old pic for reference:

And now at one week: