Monday, April 15, 2013

Hitting the Trail

Low key weekend here. Still cold. Still rainy.

Leela and I went for a long walk on the trail on Saturday afternoon. I had planned to go when I got up that morning. It took me several hours to work up the nerve to go outside. Around four, we hit the road. The best trail that I have found so far (for walking with Leela) is a few miles away so we drive. There are closer trails to us but Leela hasn't done so well on them and one doesn't allow dogs (We had one instance where we were lectured by someone).

We took our seven-month-old puppy to an obedience class and she did pretty well, but she never quite mastered loose-leash walking. I am a first time dog owner and am finding a lot of things challenging when it comes to puppy training. Especially when the puppy is 70 pounds! I find myself pulling a lot at the leash. She likes to smell EVERYTHING.

We did pretty well considering this is our longest walk to date - two miles! It was cold and extremely windy - two hoods were not cutting it.

We walked down the trail for a mile then walked back up. Leela did really well and was exhausted the rest of the night!


Finish time: 40 minutes, 20 seconds. Not bad considering I had a puppy stopping several times a minute to smell and relieve herself. We also had to stop twice to wait for passersby to go past us.

I can't wait for warmer weather to bring us outdoors more. When I thought about getting a dog I pictured long walks together outside. I love being outdoors, but I hate cold weather.