Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Living Room & Office Inspiration

Progress is slow around here, but it is progress none the less. Remember our front room that is kind of split into two rooms we are calling the living room and office? It hasn't really changed since I last showed you in this post.

One big multipurpose room with not a lot of detail. And outdoor dining set serving as living room furniture. Hmm...

And here's an actual picture of our gorgeous woodwork. This is what you see when you walk into our home. 

Well, like I said progress is slow. One thing that has been done is curtains - the fabric is here! Sneak peek of what is to come:

 One source of inspiration is this lovely office decorated with black and gray. Funny enough, we already have a chair similar to this one.

 I love the open desk. If only I could figure a better way to handle all of Mike's cords, our desk could be this amazing too. I like the yellow accent but I think I am going to try to incorporate red accents in the office (and maybe some orange?). The nice thing about gray and black is that they allow lots of room for accent colors. Did I mention that the goal is for the office/living room combo to be gray? Once the chickens are living outdoors and maybe when I have the summer off (I am a sub teacher) I will be working on this.

Anyway, for now I am furiously working away on the curtains, which may take awhile in between working on the garden and taking care of the needy animals. Also on my radar are some second hand furniture from Craigslist. I've tried our Goodwill in the past, but they never seem to have any good furniture. This has not normally been the case in other cities that I've lived in, so I may give it a try in another city if I happen to be traveling through.