Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chicken Update: 10 Weeks

The chicken updates are slowing down now as they seem to be growing at a slower rate now. They are super sweet and very charming little things. We sent two packing last week but still have Penelope, Lucille, Ruth and Dorothy.

Chickens 10 Weeks 3

Penelope is the head hen and is always the first to receive a treat. She is the ring leader for getting into trouble!

Chickens 10 Weeks 7

Lucille is spunky and second in command. Ruth just kind of goes with the flow and doesn't really command much of our attention. Dorothy is shy and a giant scaredy-cat. She frequently gets lost and has to be reunited with the flock to feel safe again. It takes her a lot of time to warm up to people, so she spends a lot of time in the corners of the coop.

Honestly, we have a hard time telling them apart all the time, so I am hoping to get some leg bands for easy identification.

Chickens 10 Weeks 5

The chickens are free-ranging when weather allows in the mulched garden. They love running around and foraging for snacks. Speaking of snacks, their eating habits are significantly changing since they left their brooder box. They fight over worms and one received a lovely treat of a slug the other day. They love to munch on blades of grass, flowers and whatever else they can get their beaks on. I read once that they will eat mice and birds if they have access to them; as a mostly vegetarian, I am horrified and hope they stick to insects.


That’s about it. The chicks are super easy to care for and I couldn't be happier with them at this point. Another six weeks or so and we’ll hopefully be enjoying some eggs!