Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Winner

Mike likes to think that he’s unlucky. He frequently complains that he never wins anything and he sucks at gambling and that everyone else has an unfair advantage while playing Halo. Yup, he’s pretty optimistic. He should now consider his luck changed.

New Recliner 4

Mike got a text from a coworker on Friday to bring his SUV to work to pick up his recliner before it rained (her vehicle is a truck). Umm, what? Mike thought maybe it was a ploy to get him to bring the new car to work so his co-workers could put truck nuts on the Escape, but after a few minutes realized that he entered a raffle a couple of months ago for a Flexsteel recliner, valued at $1000.

After telling him that no, I wasn't going to switch cars with him (we have a tandem garage, the Escape was parked first), he got to work and told me that he had, in fact, won a recliner and I needed to come pick it up. I tried to put Leela in her crate but she was having none of that so I brought her with me.

New Recliner

Some co-workers loaded the box into the back and we squeezed Leela in there too. Then I had the pleasure of taking the pieces and hauling them up to the family room. Our staircases make a sharp right turn, and boy was that a tight squeeze.

New Recliner 2

Some huffing and puffing and a few choice words later and it was time to assemble. That part didn't take too long.

New Recliner 3

The end result is this beauty, as modeled by my handsome hubby:


So, about the chair. It’s a Flexsteel (the factory is a mere few blocks from our house!) Eclipse in brown with hidden recline function. Not my choice of color or style or anything really. Plus it’s leather, and not the durable kind. It’s the kind that your dog and cat will ruin in a week type of leather. But, marriage is about compromise. Mike is already in love with the recliner. He immediately came home Friday afternoon and re-arranged the furniture to fit the recliner in our family room. Sigh.

New Recliner 5

Since we're youngins and pretty newly married, I suppose I can’t complain about a free (well, $10 if you consider the entry fee) chair, especially when the husband has been complaining for months about our couch and even tried to convince me to buy a new sectional (with a puppy, are you crazy?). So consider this a semi-permanent addition to the family room for now. Despite this thing being an eyesore to me, it’s actually the nicest seating we have in there right now. Check out our dog-destroyed couch and chair. Duct tape has become a decorating staple around here.


So there’s our big win! Maybe this means a curse has lifted on Michael and he will start doing better at the slots! Or maybe we should just not gamble. Hmmm.