Monday, June 17, 2013

House Progress: The Upstairs

 It’s been awhile since I've shared with you all some pictures of the house. I gave a tour of the house before we moved in, but haven't quite finished with the current tour of our house. Please stay with me, I have plans to get the rest of it out soon!

Loft Before

Coming up the stairs and to the left is my craft room. Above is how it was before we moved in, staged and uncluttered. Now it’s a mess and needs organizing. Last year, I picked up my childhood things from my bedroom at my parents’ house. It all rests in the craft room. The sad thing is that there still boxes and boxes of stuff in my parents’ attic that I need to bring back. It would be nice to paint this room (and the hallway), but I am not confident that this will get done while we live here. White is pretty inoffensive and is kind of nice to have for an open, airy space.

Loft After

When we moved in, there was great debate where everything should go. We had two rooms to put a craft area and office into. One of us could take the spare bedroom, but would have to share it with the second guest bed. The other person would use the loft area, which only has three walls. Michael chose the spare bedroom and it was a good decision at first because it could contain noise a little better than the loft. You see, he occasionally plays games on his computer and at night if I’m trying to sleep, it can be noisy.

Spare Room Before

The spare room was originally how it is above. Bright blue walls, a neon floral wallpaper, and circus colored curtains (you can kind of see them on the left). I removed the wallpaper and curtains and painted it a light gray.


Then we decided to move the office downstairs because there was plenty of room down there and eventually we would need to move it anyway (assuming a baby enters our lives at some point). That turned out to be a great decision for the downstairs but it left the bedroom upstairs kind of empty. Now that the chicks have left the room, we need to do some work on it. Some things I would like are: a dresser, some art for the walls, a new light fixture or a redo on the ceiling fan?

Bathroom Before 2

Bathroom Before

Down the hall a little bit is the bathroom. It’s the only full bathroom in the house. When we moved in it was sponge painted with blue and white stripes and had a wallpaper border. There was a whole lot of pattern going on in there. I really wanted a green bathroom. I’m not so sure why. I ended up going with something that matched the tile and linoleum flooring better.

Bathroom After

It’s Olympic’s Tattered Sail and it’s a really nice creamy color that complements all of the white in the bathroom perfectly. We installed a shower head and a new medicine cabinet and light fixtures, replaced all of the hardware, and painted the vanity. It’s definitely more relaxing in there now. And I'm thrilled I don’t have to go down to the basement to shower.

Master Before

The master bedroom at the end of the hall needed a little sprucing up, what with the outdated stenciled border and the super old curtains.

Master After

I painted the walls the same gray as the spare room and it looks completely different in this room. It’s definitely more blue than I thought it would be. I made the shams and curtains at our last house and simply moved them with us to this house. We upgraded to matching lamps from Ikea which was definitely needed in this house. I'll go into more detail later, but our bedroom doesn't have a light attached to the ceiling fan. There is just a single bulb that sticks out from the wall.

So that’s the upstairs! We're pretty happy with the way things are on this floor for now. Especially since there is so much to do on the main floor. Stay tuned for a look at the basement next week.