Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pretty Things

My mother and aunt are fantastically creative. When I was little, they made my Halloween costumes. My mom decorated our home and even some other people’s homes. She has style. My aunt is probably the queen of DIY craft and has made some awesome stuff for around the house. When it came time for my wedding, I asked them to help out with the flowers, because they could be florists (my aunt actually has been a couple of times in her life).


These amazing flower arrangements decorated twenty tables at Mike and I’s wedding. My bouquet was so beautiful and the bridesmaids’ were as well. They even made the boutonnieres for the guys.


My sister and her new husband are a bit nontraditional. They had a small ceremony a few weeks ago in my parents’ backyard and then last weekend had a low key wedding reception in their town. It was quite different from our wedding, but they also asked for my mom and aunt to help out with the flowers.

Here they are at the wedding reception, having a little too much fun:

And here is one of the beautiful arrangements they did for my sister’s wedding:

Which brings me back to the point: our living room. We bought the two chairs from Ikea last month and got them set up in the living room right away, but I never took any pictures because it was boring. Our living room still needs some work. But, I stole was given two of the lovely arrangements from sister’s wedding and stuck one in the living room. It definitely livens things up!


Pretty, no? My sister went with a succulent theme and my aunt added the flowers the day of to add a little somethin’ somethin’.



Obviously our living room is a bit lacking. I’m waiting to do anything with the walls until I get the curtains done (someday, I promise!), thinking that they will probably be a focal point in the room.


This is the second centerpiece that we took home. I'm not really sure where this one is going. Outside? Upstairs? Right where it is in the family room?

So those are the newest additions to our home. I’m a cheapskate frugal, so getting something for free is always preferred. I’m hoping not to kill them right away!