Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Garden 2013

In my desire to plant everything in the world this year, I've run out of room.


My eggplant spilled over into a bed near our patio and I put our herbs into a planter by our outdoor dining table. The strawberries ended up in a pot on the deck.

The herb garden has pineapple sage, cilantro, rosemary, basil, mint, peppermint and a marigold. I'm very happy with how well this pot is doing. I have aspirations to freeze all of the extra herbs this fall so we have some all year round. 


I purchased berries in early spring and waited way too long to plant them. When I finally did plant them, I thought they were goners. A couple weeks later, I went out and purchased new ones and planted them in-between the dead ones. A week later, the dead ones have come back to life! So we now have a ton of bushes that will someday bear lots of fruit (hopefully!) Please ignore the massive amount of weeds.


Blueberries and raspberries. There is also a blackberry bush not pictured. Really excited to see how these turn out.


Also, the rhubarb that we inherited is doing great! I didn't realize it, but we have about six times this amount on the other side of our shed! 


So here is the main attraction, the garden.


In our first bed, we have tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and onion.


First up are roma and grape tomato plants. I am a weird person and prefer romas over any other tomato for most uses. And also, they can well so they are perfect for our garden. The grape tomatoes will be perfect for salads. Sliced in half, they are great on sandwiches too.


These are our peppers. There is a mix of sweet peppers (left), bell peppers (center), hot banana peppers (right) and jalapeno peppers (bottom left). Peppers are something I kind of shy from at the supermarket since they tend to be full of pesticides, so I planted a lot of these. Below the peppers are my onion and potato plants (bottom right). The onion was just a sprouted bulb that I bought and planted in the bed. I have already used it for chives, so it is a little short right now. Fingers crossed the potatoes come up. I planted organic potatoes that had sprouted. Last year my potatoes took a few weeks for the leaves to reach the soil, so I'm hoping that they are doing okay. It would be great to have potatoes this year because organic ones are so expensive.


And then there’s the catnip plant and the basil. I also planted marigolds in random spots around the beds for pest prevention. They also look pretty cute if I do say so myself!


In the next bed, we have carrots, beets, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and eggplant.


Not much to look at yet, but hopefully in a few weeks this bed will be full of action. This is my first year growing Brussels sprouts so that should be fun. Last year, my beets were eaten when they sprouted so I’m hoping to actually get to have some this year. I bought two different kinds of eggplant. The eggplants in the flower bed are Japanese eggplants and the eggplant in this bed are more traditional globe eggplants. I love eggplant! I am hoping to pickle cucumbers this year so we’ll see how that goes.

The last garden bed is kind of empty right now. There are strawberries in the middle and a few marigolds around the edge. I planted corn on the left end of the bed and pole beans, snap peas and peas on the right end.

So there you have it! I still have a few more things I want to plant on the hill – pumpkins, squash and watermelon – but we’re getting late in our planting window so I may not see much of a yield there. I’ll update you all in a few weeks to show you how it’s going!