Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Same Age

The husband and I are just about the same age. Seven weeks separates us in birthdays. Mine was last month and for a few weeks, I was a year old than him. Over the weekend, Mike turned 27 and now we are the same age again! 
We've been trying to eat healthier lately and Mike has been doing a great job of sticking to no junk food and very limited sweets. For his birthday though, I told him I’d make him breakfast. He could pick anything in my repertoire – French Toast, Waffles, Pancakes, Eggs and Toast, you name it – and he chose waffles. I whipped up a couple and put some chocolate chips in his (his favorite!). I also made a little bit of blackberry syrup. So so good. 
Chocolate Chip Blackberry Waffles
Mike made it look pretty and told me I needed to put it up on the blog.

Bike Workstation
Also, he got some cool presents from his parents. Mike will be doing the biking portion of the Hy-Vee Triathlon next month and was in need of a new computer for his bike. He also wanted to do work while he biked, so they bought him a workstation that clips to your bike handlebars. Pretty neat!
I’m a pretty terrible wife. I didn't get him anything. On Saturday, I took him out for dinner and a movie (RED 2) and told him to buy something for himself off of amazon (he has a list). I’m sure he will be able to find something to buy.
Watch Cat
We also did some work on the garden this weekend (with Gizmo’s supervision, of course)! Slowly but surely, folks. This lil’ project sure is taking FOREVER to finish! Most of the work to be done is reinforcing the lattice and laying down mulch. It wouldn’t take very long, but we don’t seem to have a chance to work down there for long stretches of time. It is more like two hours here, an hour there… I am serious about being finished with it before school starts back up though!