Monday, July 29, 2013

It’s Happening

I tore apart the kitchen last week. Took all of the doors off of the cabinet bases, removed the drawer fronts, started painting.

Kitchen before painting cabinets

I’m a glutton for punishment. I haven't finished the garden, I started working on cleaning up the basement, and now I’m remodeling the kitchen. But I have to work while I have the momentum. Once it stops, I stop. My motivation has been seriously dragging lately so it’s kind of good to get working on something again. This kitchen remodel is going to be done in three phases.

First Coat of Primer

Phase One: Paint the kitchen cabinets. I chose ultra white and we're going the controversial route of not sanding. Check out some of these posts I went to for inspiration:

We are also going to install beadboard around the peninsula where the carpet used to be. I'm excited about this.

Carpeted Peninsula

Phase Two: Cover the countertops with concrete. This is even crazier than Phase One, but we're gonna try. Mike and I are still discussing whether or not to cut the countertops (the peninsula thingy is way too big) and getting rid of the laminate “backsplash”, so we still have a bit before this gets started (like maybe a few weeks?)


Phase Three: Put in a backsplash. Mike’s taking care of this project, so I have no idea when it will get done. He wants small tiles and I might just let him do that. We also have been talking about changing out the flooring. The ceramic tiles are super uncomfortable to stand on all day and they show everything (like dog hair and dust). We are looking into laminate or vinyl tiles to replace it; both good options for where we live. Phase three will probably be a fall project.

The main thing we're trying to remember is that while we want things to look nice, we also don't want to be investing a ton of money into our kitchen. Since we don't plan on this being our forever home, we will have to sell it at some point, and our house is one of the bigger, pricier homes in the neighborhood where we live. Adding things like granite and hardwood won’t pay off. So we're taking small steps. And crossing our fingers that this DIY type approach will pan out for a beautiful kitchen!

Yikes! We have some work to do.