Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer To-Do List

We've been officially into summer for more than a week, but things at our little homestead are so behind that I'm just now getting around to figuring out what I want to accomplish this summer before going back to work. Too many things.

Garden To-Do

1. Finish the garden.
You know, like actually getting the fence done. Putting the rest of the mulch down. Weeding out the mess.
2. Clean up the basement.
The workout room is pretty much finished. And the bathroom is functional. But the main room is a disaster. Boxes and broken items, a stove and a refrigerator, a huge pile of recycling lie around waiting to be taken care of. This needs to be done before winter hits again (Hey, four months comes sooner than you think!).
Craft Room To-Do

3. Get the craft room organized.
It’s in the same state as the basement, minus the old appliances.
4. Finish those curtains!
Yeah, the fabric is still sitting on the cutting table waiting to be sewn up.
5. Paint the living room.
Kitchen To-Do

6. Kitchen
The current plans are to refinish the countertops with concrete and paint the cabinets. This will be a semi-big project so this will probably be the focus of the second half of July.
That’s it. Only six items on the list, but most of the projects are pretty lengthy. This week’s focus is the garden. Then we will be heading on vacation, so by the time we come back, it will be time for the kitchen. If we are able to get that done before the end of July, that will leave only two weeks in August to complete the rest. Eek! Better get on it!