Monday, July 22, 2013

Vacation Vacation

We were on a budget this year for vacation, but it did not disappoint. Relaxation, fun, family – we got what we needed. We did not go anywhere exotic but that’s okay. We had a great time and actually took a few pictures.

July 2013

Mike and I go to Ames annually in July for Midnight Madness, a 5k that his family has been involved in since Mike was little. He has ran it almost every year since high school, and after watching for a couple of years and being bored, I decided to run too. This was my third year running and it was a beautiful night! I ran my PR, which embarrassingly, is 36:27. I am a slowwww runner.

We also got to spend a lot of time with family. My brother-in-law and Michael’s cousin were also in town and we were able to do a lot of fun things, like a Game of Thrones marathon and some games of Horse.

Mike’s parents were gracious as always and cooked us up a couple of meals. We also got to enjoy a bunch of our favorite college eats, like West Street Deli, The Café, Battle’s BBQ, and The Grove. If you ever end up in Ames, Iowa, these are must stop places. We also checked out a new Korean restaurant in town, Rice House. So good. Every couple of months I get a big craving for Korean food. Kimchi and Gochujang are in my heart forever. I ate a hot rice bowl (dolsot bibimbap) and it was delicious. Mike said his chicken bulgogi (dalkalbi) was the real deal. They served us pickled stuff and there was a bottle of gochujang on the table for me to pour onto my food.

Leela was able to experience her first swim. She was kind of hesitant at first but ended up having a blast. She is a natural swimmer.

The past few days have been spent getting back into a routine. We are not going out of town for five more weeks! Yay, exciting! Time to get some projects done.